Corinne Goudreault Program Associate

Corinne Goudreault is the Program Associate at the Weissberg Foundation, where she provides a wide variety of administrative and programmatic support, including on the Reframing <Washington> and Beloit program areas. She has been working at, for, in, and with myriad non-profit organizations for as long as she can remember. After her time as a Buckley Public Service Scholar and on the board of IMPACT NC, she knew philanthropy was the avenue she needed to continue empowering, understanding, and helping sustain vibrant lives for others.

Corinne graduated with Honors and Distinction from UNC-Chapel Hill with B.A. degrees in Anthropology and English and a lot of pale blue clothes. She's since completed a graduate certificate in Global Health Programs at the Gillings School at UNC. She holds academic and professional interests in food systems, gender, meaning-making, and social geography. Things she loves include food, family, friends, traveling everywhere she can, dogs, North Carolina, vegetarian cooking ideas, podcasts, and summer.