Program Areas

The Weissberg Foundation funds efforts in four core program areas:

  • Diversity in Theater

    • A three-year initiative to build the capacity of DC-area theaters to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion through their governance, operations, and programming.
    • Three-year grants were awarded based on a competitive, multi-step RFP process that engaged both internal and external reviewers.
    • A Washington, DC area based program.
  • Reframing <Washington>

    • An initiative to support smaller organizations based in and serving the DC area that are working to redistribute economic, political, and/or social power to the area’s most marginalized and underserved populations through advocacy, community organizing, and/or civic engagement.
    • Empowerment Fund grants will be awarded based on a competitive (yet inclusive), multi-step RFP process that will engage both internal and external reviewers.
    • A Washington, DC area based program.
  • Criminal Justice Reform

    • An investment in organizations that are working to build pathways to opportunity for the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated and to strengthen the leadership capacity of those most proximate to incarceration to make change.
    • Upon launch in 2018, grants will be made by invitation only.
    • A program with a national scope.
  • Weissberg Program in Human Rights

    • A long-term investment in Beloit College using a multi-pronged approach to prepare students to engage critically with human rights, as well as promote and defend them.
    • A program with Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin.