DMV Power

Eligibility Quiz

Prospective grant applicants must be able to answer YES to ALL of the questions below in order to submit an LOI. If you answer NO to any of these questions, please do not submit an LOI.

    1. Is your organization located in Washington, DC or within the state of Virginia?

    2. Does your organization primarily serve communities in Washington, DC or the state of Virginia?

    3. Does your organization explicitly use anti-racism strategies – those that intentionally oppose racism and promote racial justice – in addressing social, political, and economic inequities?

    4. Is your organization actively engaged in community organizing, civic engagement, advocacy, and/or other tactics to build power as part of your strategy for change?

    5. Is power-building of and by people of color integral to your work?

    6. Is your board committed to your work around racial equity?

    7. For Virginia-based organizations, do you undertake at least part of your systems change work at the state-level and/or state-wide?

    8. Will your organization commit to sending leadership and/or staff to at least one convening and two cohort-building activities in each year of the grant program?