DMV Power

Letter of Intent (LOI)

LOIs should only be submitted if you answered YES to all of the Eligibility Quiz questions. Below is a preview of the questions asked for the LOI. LOIs must be submitted through the Weissberg Foundation’s online grant making portal:

    1. Budget

          a) What is your organization’s annual operating budget for the current fiscal year?
          b) If you are applying for a program grant specifically for your advocacy, organizing, and/or civic engagement, what is the budget for that work?

    2. Organization Background: Please provide a brief history of your organization (e.g., when and why it was founded, what have been some major milestones) and your current vision and mission.

    3. Geography: What wards or neighborhoods in Washington, DC and/or what areas of Virginia does your organization reach and/or serve?

    4. Strategy: What are the major strategies you use in your work and how do they advance racial equity?

    5. Outcomes: What are they key outcomes you seek through your work?

    6. Power-Building: In what ways does your work build power of directly impacted individuals, and what are some achievements that highlight these efforts?

    7. Centering Key Constituencies: Who are the key constituencies you engage and in what ways are their lived experiences centered in your work? Please be as specific as possible in terms of demographics, geography, lived experience, etc.

    8. Representation: How is the community you serve represented on your staff, on your board, in your membership (if applicable), and/or in other leadership capacities?

    9. Impact: What are 2-3 recent accomplishments of your organization?