About the Weissberg Foundation

The Weissberg Foundation envisions a world that recognizes inequities and actively seeks to dismantle structural racism by continuously building access, opportunity, and power so that all can thrive.

Because so many social, economic, and political disparities are deeply rooted in racism, we support systems change to advance equity, in particular for communities of color, those closest to incarceration, immigrants, and refugees. We take an intersectional approach to our work, as we believe that at the intersections of identity and power there is the greatest potential for positive, truly transformative social change.

In November of 2019, the Weissberg Foundation revised the 2017-2021 strategic framework that guides our programs, operations, and governance to more boldly and explicitly center power building to dismantle structural racism. Infused throughout each element of this framework and how we implement it are our core values of Listening and Learning; Building Power and Community; and Equity and Justice.

Our Mission

Through funding, amplification, capacity building, and collaboration, advance organizations and efforts building power of those most negatively impacted by racism.

Our Intended Outcomes

We seek three levels of outcomes across our work:

  • Community-Level
    Change agents are empowered to advance equitable practices and outcomes.
  • Grantee-Level
    Grantees have strengthened their capacity to operate sustainably and advance their goals.
  • Foundation-Level
    The foundation operates equitably, effectively, and efficiently toward our vision and mission.

Our Strategies

To achieve our desired outcomes, we employ four key strategies:

  • Fund
    Identify the most promising initiatives centering people directly impacted by structural racism and other systems of oppression and support them with funding that best meets their needs.
  • Amplify
    Empower and embolden our grantee partners and ourselves to speak up more, using our platform to turn up the volume on voices we believe need to be heard.
  • Build Capacity
    Strengthen the capacity of our foundation, philanthropy, our grantee partners, and the social sector to be more equitable and effective.
  • Collaborate
    Connect, convene, and collaborate with others within and across sectors to leverage resources, amplify voices, learn, and mobilize for change.

Program Areas

The Foundation focuses our efforts in four major program areas:

Our strategic framework is available for download as a PDF.

The Foundation is not currently accepting unsolicited proposals.

Investment Policy Statement

In 2019, the Foundation established an Investment Policy Statement to align our endowment with our values and mission.

Our Investment Policy Statement is available for download as a PDF.