Our Core Values

Core to who we are as an organization, our values act as a touchstone, holding us accountable to ourselves, to one another, and to others with whom we engage. They are at the same time reflective of how we already carry out our work and aspirational as we learn and progress.

  • Equity
    We acknowledge that our current social, economic, and political systems are unjust, in large part because of racism. We marshal our resources to advance equitable opportunities and outcomes for all.
  • Listening & Learning
    We seek to engage in our world with curiosity and appreciation for the diversity, depth, and breadth of perspectives, experience, and expertise that exist in it.
  • Intentionality
    We value the power of thoughtfully articulating clear goals and how best to achieve them. We also acknowledge that things don’t always go as planned, and learning comes from both success and failure.
  • Ingenuity
    We are inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder and believe that innovation, adaptability, and smart risk-taking are integral in addressing challenges of all scope and scale.
  • Trust & Empowerment
    We believe true progress requires honesty, so we cultivate trusting relationships that empower others and ourselves to be our best.