Investing For Impact

The Foundation’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS) governs the investment of our assets, including the selection of diverse investment managers.

Our IPS sets social impact and financial return as joint priorities and incorporates our commitments to centering Black, Indigenous, and Communities of Color, and to having an impact in Virginia.

Our Investment Policy Statement:

The Foundation has been on an impact investing journey, learning, experimenting, and refining along the way, for the last decade.
This timeline represents the Foundation’s journey- illustrating the time, patience, and commitment to ongoing learning impact and mission-aligned investing requires.

The Foundation’s Investment Committee affirms that the IPS is a living document and should and will be informed by the IC, Staff, and Board’s evaluation of how well it is meeting stated objectives. The Investment Committee recognizes the fundamental flaws of the current market system which ultimately contribute to the disempowerment of the very populations we center in the work of the Foundation. The Investment Committee also acknowledges the Board’s commitment to interrogate the structures, policies, and advantages that enabled the origin and accumulation of the Foundation’s wealth, and the future need to discuss the desired size of the Foundation’s endowment. In keeping with the Foundation’s listening and learning value, the IPS commits the Foundation to continuing our active learning and conversation about these systems.

We are grateful to the Investment Committee for their dedication and commitment.

Weissberg Foundation Trustee Members:

Edward Jones
Rachel Martin
Ricshawn Adkins Roane
Nina Weissberg

Independent Members:

Garrett Martin
Catherine Gill

Tamara Copeland
Tamara Copeland

Chair, Independent Trustee

In 2019, Tamara retired as president of the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers where she envisioned and implemented “Putting Racism on the Table”. Currently, she co-facilitates The Onion Dialogues, a racial justice training. In 2018, her memoir, Daughters of the Dream: Eight Girls from Richmond who grew up in the Civil Rights Era was published. Her latest book is REVEALED: A Once a Week Reading on Racism, Prejudice and Bias. She loves walking and traveling, having visited all fifty states and countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.