JustVA Fund Eligibility Quiz

Prospective grant applicants must be able to answer YES to ALL of the questions below in order to submit an LOI. If you answer NO to any of these questions, please do not submit an LOI.

1.Is your organization located in, or doing significant work in the state of Virginia? 
2. Does your organization primarily work on criminal justice in Virginia, or have specific campaigns, actions, or agendas focused on criminal justice in Virginia?  
3. Is your organizational advocacy or organizing budget $1 million or less?  
4. Does your organization work on issues related to Virginia’s criminal legal system through a lens of racial justice?  
5.Is your organization led by and centered on Black, Indigenous, and people of color as outlined in the RFP?  
6. Is your organization actively engaged in community organizing and/or advocacy as your primary strategy for change related to your work around the criminal legal system?  
7. Do you undertake at least part of your systems change work at the state-level in Virginia?