JustVA LOI Questions

LOIs should only be submitted if you answered YES to all of the Eligibility Quiz questions. Below are the LOI questions. LOIs must be submitted by answering all questions and uploading them in one document (exceeding no more than 5 pages for individual organizations and 8 pages for collaborations between organizations) to the Weissberg Foundation’s online grant making portal: http://bit.ly/WFGrantPortal

  1. Budget:
    • What is your organization’s annual operating budget for the current fiscal year?
    • What is your budget for advocacy and/or organizing work for the current fiscal year?
  2. Organization Background: Please provide a brief history of your organization (e.g., when and why it was founded) and your current vision and mission.
  3. Geography: What jurisdictions, counties, regions, or areas of Virginia does your organization reach and/or serve?
  4. Strategy: What are the major systems change strategies you use in your work and how do they advance your work around criminal and racial justice?
  5. Power Building: In what ways does your work build the power of Black, Indigenous, and people of color who are system involved, and what are some recent achievements in the criminal justice space in Virginia that highlights these efforts?
  6. Centering Lived Experience: In what ways do you center the voices and experiences of system involved Black, Indigenous, and people of color in your organizing and/or advocacy around criminal justice in Virginia?
  7. Successes and Challenges: What have been your biggest successes and challenges related to making change to the criminal legal system in Virginia?
  8. Outcomes: What are the key outcomes you seek related to criminal justice in Virginia?
  9. Partnership: If you are applying in partnership with another organization(s), please discuss the work or roles of each organization and how you plan to work equitably together through this fund.